Chicks Trivia
* Courtesy of Famous James, the King of 80's Metal
* Q: In what band might you find Bret Sychak, Bruce
Johanneson and Richard Ream?
a) Motley Crue
b) Winger
c) Poison
d) Guns N' Roses

A: "c" - Poison's Bret Michaels, C.C. Deville and Rikki Rockett
all changed their names for the stage.

* Q: Which of the following singers has something in common
with Al Bundy from "Married With Children"?
a) Jon Bon Jovi
b) Stephen Pearcy
c) Joe Elliott
d) Kip Winger

A: "a" - An early day job of Jon Bon Jovi was in a Kinney's shoe

* Q: On which album did Cinderella's Fred Coury make his
drumming debut?
a) Night Songs
b) Long Cold Winter
c) Heartbreak Station
d) Are you kidding?  He didn't play a note on any of 'em!

A: "b" - Though pictured on the cover of Night Songs, all of the
drum tracks were done by Jody Cortes.  Fred joined after the
album was already recorded but just in time for the photo

* Q: Which member of Motley Crue never married a Playboy
a) Nikki Sixx
b) Tommy Lee
c) Mick Mars
d) Vince Neil

A: "c" - Nikki, Tommy and Vince can each claim several of their
own and have even claimed a few of the same.  Mick was never
publicly linked with a Playmate.  However, he did marry one of
the Nasty Habits, the backup singers who toured with them in
the late 80s.

* Q: Danger Danger's Steve West decided the band's name
a) watching reruns of 60s sci-fi television shows
b) working in a toxic chemical plant
c) drinking heavily
d) sitting on the toilet

A: "d" - According to a 1990 interview, Steve did in fact say to
himself, "Yeah, that would be a good name" while perched atop
his throne.  Don't ask him how he came up with the title for
"Monkey Business".

Q: Motley Crue had a contest to see how many women they
could bed...
a) who were virgins
b) on their wedding night
c) without bathing
d) at one time

A: "c" - I guess it gets kind of boring on the road sometimes.

Q: He co-wrote a song originally intended for B. B. King called
"Fool For Your Loving" but ended up recording it with his own
band in the late 80s.  Who was it?
a) Kip Winger of Winger
b) Sebastian Bach of Skid Row
c) Jack Russell of Great White
d) David Coverdale of Whitesnake

A: "d" - David Coverdale recorded this one and you can hear it
on "Chicks Who Rock, Saturday Night".

Q: Record company big wigs told them they were insane to
change their logo with each release.  They ignored the warning
and have enjoyed years of successful music making and have
sold over 20 million albums.  Who are they?
a) Dokken
b) Poison
c) Motley Crue
d) Def Leppard

A: "c" - It looks like Motley Crue was rebellious from the get-go.

Q: Jon Bon Jovi sang background vocals for these big hair
rockers in their songs "Nothin' For Nothin'" and "In From The
Outside".  Who are they?
a) Cinderella
b) Tesla
c) Ratt
d) Warrant

A: "a" - Jon's noted for being a nice guy when it come to
helping out other bands.

Q: Two members of this band were once arrested on a plane in
L.A. by the FBI.  What band were they in?
a) Motley Crue
b) Megadeth
c) Great White
d) Judas Priest

A: "c" - Yes, they were the bad boys of Great White.
Ultimately, the only charge that stuck was against Jack
Russell, stemming from an outstanding warrant for fishing
without a license.
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