May 7, 2005: Night Ranger

This week's "Revival" highlights a new recording of “Sister
Christian”, featured on the 2005 cd
Vh1 Classic: Metal Mania
.   It's a  compilation of acoustic ballads – all songs
that you’d hear on CWR.  It
is the second song from the cd that I’m sharing with you.

On May 26th the band will be performing a benefit concert at
the         Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa.  They’ve also
got a new website where you can get tour information, see
pictures, find out the latest news on the band and buy
merchandise.  Check it out at
May 14, 2005: Tesla

This week's "Revival" highlights a song from Tesla's most
Into The Now cd called "Caught In A Dream".  It was an easy
to feature our hometown boys this week for a few reasons.   
First, they
are always good to everyone here in Sacramento, popping up
at local
gigs and oftentimes performing spontaneously at venues in
Second, the guys in the band, particularly Frank Hannon and
Jeff Keith,
have always been so kind to me and CWR.  And the biggest
reason - I wanted to get you ready to rock out with the guys
as they performed their acoustic tour on May 19th and 20th at
the Crest Theatre.  

These guys always give us awesome music to enjoy and
continuously make us proud.  Long live Tesla!  Check out
more about them at!
May 21, 2005: Def Leppard

The big day was last Tuesday - Def Leppard's Rock Of Ages:
Definitive Collection
was released in stores!  Of course that
means I'd highlight my boys this week on "Revival".

The double cd is truly a "best of" collection, which includes
35 tracks
and some new material to fill your ears.  Tonight I'm playing
"No Matter
What", a cover of Badfinger's hit in the 70's.  Joe Elliott calls
it "One of those songs that when it comes on the radio, you
turn it up.  LOUD!!!"  You can also expect it to appear on the
upcoming "covers" album.

For more information on my boys who continue to rock,
check out their website at!
May 28, 2005: George Lynch

This week's "Revival" highlights George Lynch's 2004 cd
Furious George, a compilation that pays tribute to the works
of musicians, songwriters
and guitarists who inspired Mr. Lynch to pursue a life of
music.  The
song featured is "Precious and Grace", originally recorded by
ZZ Top.

Mr. Lynch says "I remember the first time I heard these guys.  
I was living at a friend's house and I was about 17 or so.  We
got a copy of the first
ZZ Top record and were mesmerized with Gibbon's tone and
feel.  His style has made a huge impact on my playing and I
constantly refer back
to him for inspiration for chops, feel and tone."  Other artists
covered on this cd include Grand Funk, Hendrix, Mississippi
Queen, Jeff Beck and more.  

For more information, go to
Chicks Who Rock...
May 2005