Chicks Web Picks
I’ve been surfing to find the
official web sites for bands
you’ll hear on “Chicks Who
Rock, Saturday Night”.
You'll also find some of my
favorite music related web
sites listed below.
Other sites to visit:
AEROSMITH:   After personally witnessing on two occasions how seriously these
guys rock, this is a site to bookmark if only to find out when they’ll be in concert again.

ANATOMIC: What can I say about this talented group of guys? They're one of my favorite
local bands and I'd bet they might become one of yours, too. There's an influence
of 80's rock in their music, yet they continue to have an original sound and amazing
songwriting abilities. Check out their site for more details.

ATOMIC PUNKS: These guys call themselves “A Tribute To Early Van Halen” and that’s an
understatement! If you’re lucky enough to see them in concert, you’ll feel like you’re
watching DLR and Van Halen in their prime. I’d recommend you check this
website to see when they’ll be performing at a venue near you.

BON JOVI: I’m so glad they’ve redesigned this site. Easy to navigate and lots of pictures
and colorful icons so you don’t have to read a lot to find what you want.

BRET MICHAELS: As the frontman for Poison, this guy rocks. But did you know
he has a solo album? It’s called Songs Of Life and is definitely worth a listen. Check out
more info. on Bret, the cd, tour dates and other cool stuff here.

DAVE MENIKETTI: For all things Meniketti, as well as Y&T, visit this site and enjoy!

DEF LEPPARD: This site’s loaded with DL news, biographies, lyrics, chat and more. Check
it out for up to date info. on their latest albums and upcoming tour dates.

DOKKEN: Easy to get the info. you want like headlines, tour dates, pictures and more.

FAMOUS JAMES - THE KING OF 80S METAL:  Let me give you the
quick rundown on my association with James. I was lucky enough to meet him at a show
over three years ago and came to discover he listened to “Chicks Who Rock”. What’s
more, this guy knows everything about all things 80’s and is an awesome person. Check
out his site. I’ll think you’ll soon become addicted to “The King of 80s Metal”.

FRANK HANNON: He rocks in Tesla and on his own.  Check out Frank's
personal website to get more infomation on his latest solo projects and for club dates!

GENE SIMMONS: For all things Gene, you've got to check out this website.  Gene even
answers fanmail letters!  Big surprise - there's also a ton of merchandise available here,

JUDAS PRIEST: Easy to navigate and easy on the eyes, this site will give you news, tour
dates, photos and almost anything else you’d want from Priest.

KISS: Whether you are a self proclaimed member of the KISS army or not, you must admit
that KISS is nothing less than intriguing. Check out this site for news, reviews, photos,
audio, videos and, of course, merchandise.

LARGER THAN LIFE - The Ultimate KISS Tribute Band: I've been a fan of this band since
the first moment I saw them in concert and have seen them countless times since. Even the
most dedicated KISS fans I know have expressed deep admiration for LTL. They are
absolutely astonishing so make sure you not only check out their web site - check them out
at the Roadhouse for our big Halloween party on November 1st!

LARISA BRYSKI: - First of all, I want the name
of her web master! This site is cool... almost as cool as the music that comes from this
band. Larisa, undoubtedly the best female voice I have heard in Sacramento, is supported
by an amazingly talented group of musicians. Check out her site and definitely check her
out in concert!

MEGADETH: Cool graphics and mega info. on merchandise and discography.

METAL SLUDGE: This is a great tongue in cheek website with news, gossip and more
about all your favorite “Chicks” artists.

MOTLEY CRUE: You’ll find band info., merchandise, tour dates, a scrapbook, discography
and more.

POISON: These guys still rock and still tour. Get news, bios, tour info. and more on
this website.

POLLSTAR: This website is a great resource for tour information on all of your favorite
artists. It’s accurate and up to date.

QUEENSRYCHE: This is the official band and fan club site. Make sure to check it out for
tour dates, news, merchandise and more. You'll also find a forum for fans and be able to
watch video clips.

RATT: Includes band info., merchandise, tour info., chat and more.

THE ROADHOUSE: Sacramento is lucky to have a venue like this! The Roadhouse hosts
awesome local and national acts. They’ve got an indoor stage as well as an amphitheater
outside. Check out this site to find out who’s coming our way next!

ROGUE: This local band definitely tops my list of favorites. You won't belive the voice the
lead singer has and the rest of the band is incredibly talented as well. You should really try
to catch them in concert. They do indeed rock! While you're at it, check out their web site,

SCORPIONS: They definitely have one of the sweeter group photos of bands in their
genre. Click on these smiling faces and you’ll get news, band info., a discography and
more. You can even choose to view the site in English or Deutsch!

SKID ROW: You’ll find SR news, tour dates and more. You can even sample their latest

SLEAZEROXX: I accidentally found this site while doing a search on "hard rock".
It's a really cool place for you to find all sorts of information about your favorite rock bands.
Though it focuses mostly on "sleaze rock", the web site won my heart when I read that it
appreciated all forms of rock - "glam", "hair", "metal", etc. I think my web site
has found its soul mate!

STEPHEN PEARCY:  The former lead singer of Ratt is busting out on his own.  Find out
more about his latest solo album, tour dates and more!

TESLA: Cool graphics, easy to navigate and loaded with info. on the band, tour dates,
merchandise and more. There’s even a bio on their namesake, Nikola Tesla.

VAN HALEN: Haven’t heard much from these guys lately for fairly obvious reasons,
but I guess this would be the place to go for updates.

VH1: This is a great website not only for television updates and schedules, but for artist
information, chat rooms and more.

WARRANT: Don’t log on at work. Some pictures show up that your boss might not
appreciate. You’ll also have access to tour news, a scrapbook, discography and more.

WHITESNAKE: This site will give you the complete discography of Whitesnake, photos,
videos and a chat area as well as a candid interview with the usually private
David Coverdale. Check it out!

Y&T: These guys have always been a crowd pleaser and now you can find out more about
them on their web site! You can check it out for tour dates, merchandise, news, sign up for
the mailing list and more. By the way, they're coming out with a new DVD and a new
cd soon. Find out when on this site.

Def Leppard was the first concert I ever saw.  I never tire of their
shows and will soon be seeing them for the 14th time.  

They're coming to the Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Marysville
with Foreigner and Styx on September 14th.  
They've got their cd of covers,
Yeah!, in stores...
and they're my favorite band of all time.

So that's the reason for featuring them this month.
Anyway, check out the
Def Leppard website for all the latest news
and tour information.

See you in Marysville on September 14th!