Special Friends,
Family, Places, etc.
My dear friend, James
A summer cruise to Mexico with my best friend, Ingrid.
The Flash 103.9 Christmas Party - 2004
One of the most beautiful places on earth -
Yosemite National Park
I'd hardly be able to keep my sanity while doing so many things
were it not for the love, support and sense of humor of those who are close to
me or the beauty of the simple things in life.
Enjoying a day at the ballpark
My best friend, Ingrid
Ingrid and my good friend, Marshall
Ingrid, Mike Ragusa and me
My Maggie
My Rascal
Marshall and Linda at the Roadhouse
Partying in a Reno hotel room
after a Poison show with my friends,
Terri and Amanda
My friends, Kimber, Terri, Eric and me at
the Roadhouse for Bret Michaels' solo
One of my good friends and mentors,
Steve Garland
This is how I reacted after finding out I got the
television hosting job for Super Lotto Plus.
Trace, Kelly and me getting ready to
board the Spirit of Sacramento
Summer Sunday nights at Crawdad's on the River with Keith
Brooks, promotions goddess, Jen and friends
Another special
person I've been
lucky to have in
my life, Phil.
Hanging out with friends at Tokyo Fro's -
Rossell, Jen and Susan
Susan, Jen and Rossell
Jen, Rossell, me and Phil.
Jen and Susan
Yes, I sang karaoke... and the song was
"Talk Dirty To Me".  Appropriate, huh?
A January trip to Cabo San Lucas -
Making friends (and Chicks Who Rock fans)
with Japanese college students
What can I say?  Animals love me.  This
stray dog curled right up with me on my
lounge chair on the beach.  Kinda looks
like my Maggie.
Labor Day Weekend in South Lake Tahoe aboard the
M.S. Dixie.
Me and my friends Jen and Rossell
aboard the Spirit Of Sacramento