Santa Clara and Reno 2003
Vince Neil opened the show in Santa
Hanging out with friends...
...then came Poison!
After the show, I was invited to go backstage
to meet Bret Michaels for the first time.
I had such a great time that I decided to go to the Poison
show in Reno just a few days later, where Vince Neil was
again the opener.
Little did I know that Bret and his crew
would arrange for me to have an All
Access pass...
...which meant that I got to watch the
concert from the stage!
I also got to meet Rikki
Rockett... an awesome guy!
Getting to see John, a.k.a.
"Smooth", the hunky head of
security again wasn't so bad
And it goes without saying that it's always a
pleasure to see Bret again.  He's one of the
coolest guys I've met.  My friend Amanda
(below) was thrilled to meet him, too.
Take me to Poison's
Take me to Bret Michaels'