Chicks Diary

When thinking back on the fun times I had growing up in L.A.,
I can attach almost every memory to a great 80's or 90's rock song.

After seeing my first Def Leppard concert, I not only became a fan of
the Glam Band era, I sported the big hair and short skirts that
defined the genre. It was an important and fun time in my life so
maybe I just didn't want to let that all go.

I've toned down the hair and wear short skirts a little less often, but
the 80's and 90's rock is still my favorite music, and I'm so happy I
have the chance to share it with you every Saturday night.

In addition, I'd like to share with you a few of the things that have
happened since I unexpectedly became the "Chick Who Rocks".

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