In July of 2001, "Chicks Who Rock" was created.
There was a need to fill a time slot that had no set programming.  
That's when I was given the opportunity to create my own four hour show on the
radio station I had been with since September of '98.

I decided to feature music for which I had a personal passion - music that was
being sadly ignored - music that I was tired of being ridiculed for enjoying.

Call it "Heavy Metal", "Glam Band", "Big Hair".... Hell, call it what you want
(Tesla pun intended).  I wanted to create a haven, a party-like atmosphere for people
who shared my taste in music.  My motto, "to have fun with the music and not make fun
of the music" rang true to fans who also suffered the slings and arrows from
critics of the genre.

"Chicks Who Rock" quickly became one of the highest rated radio programs in its time slot.
Others have tried to imitate the environment created by "Chicks Who Rock"
but have fallen to the wayside, largely due to a cynical presentation, a lack of passion
and a limited playlist.

Thus, "Chicks Who Rock", the original 80's rock program in Sacramento,
came to reign the airwaveson Saturday nights.